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Clients :: Client Development :: Query Specifications Thursday, December 5, 2002

The following outlines the syntax that clients should use to update a host. HTTP/1.0 requests should be used unless you're certain you're parsing for HTTP/1.1, our back-end system will return what you requested.

Transactions can be performed in normal HTTP or SSL-encrypted HTTPS. A full HTTP request must be sent, and the results parsed - the examples below do not necessarily include everything you need, be sure to be familiar with the HTTP specs!

Authentication in URL (all one line)

http://username:password@members.dyndns.org/nic/update?system=dyndns&hostname=yourhost.ourdomain.ext,yourhost2.dyndns.org& myip=ipaddress&wildcard=OFF&mx=mail.exchanger.ext&backmx=NO&offline=NO

HTTP GET Request (from GET to HTTP/1.0 is all one line; these are the bare minimum headers)

GET /nic/update?system=statdns&hostname=yourhost.ourdomain.ext,yourhost2.dyndns.org &myip=ipaddress&wildcard=OFF&mx=mail.exchanger.ext&backmx=NO&offline=NO HTTP/1.0
Host: members.dyndns.org
Authorization: Basic username:pass (note: username:pass must be encoded in base64)
User-Agent: myclient/1.0 me@null.net

username:password Systems: All Optional: No
The username and password used to login to the NIC.
system=dyndns|statdns|custom Systems: All Optional: Yes
The system you wish to use for this update. dyndns will update a dynamic host, custom will update a MyDynDNS Custom DNS host, while statdns will update a static host. If the system parameter given is not dyndns, custom or statdns the update will fail. If the system parameter is not given at all, it will default to dyndns.
hostname=host1.dyndns.org,host2.dyndns.org Systems: All Optional: No
These are the hosts you wish to modify. Each one given will be updated with the same information. You may provide one or many hostnames. The return code for each host will be given one per line, in the same order as the hosts given. (yourhost first, then yourhost2)
myip=ipaddr Systems: All Optional: Yes
IP address to set for the update. If this variable is not passed, the best IP address the server can determine will be used (some proxy configurations pass the IP in a header, and that is detected by the server). If the IP address passed to the system is not properly formed (it MUST be numeric, ie:, it will be ignored and the system's best guess will be used.
wildcard=ON|OFF|NOCHG Systems: DynDNS, StatDNS Optional: Yes
Disable wildcard for this host (ON to enable). If left out, will default to OFF. The wildcard aliases *.yourhost.ourdomain.ext to the same address as yourhost.ourdomain.ext.
mx=mailexchanger Systems: DynDNS, StatDNS Optional: Yes
Specifies a Mail eXchanger for use with the host being modified. Must resolve to an IP address, or it will be ignored. Note: Providing no MX setting (or an MX that doesn't resolve properly to an A record) will cause the host's MX record(s) to be removed. A NOCHG option similar to that of wildcard will be provided in the future, but is not available yet.
backmx=YES|NO Systems: DynDNS, StatDNS Optional: Yes
Request that the MX in the previous parameter be set up as a backup. This means that mail will first attempt to deliver to your host directly, and will be delivered to the MX listed as a backup.
offline=YES|NO Systems: DynDNS,Custom Optional: Yes
Sets the host to offline mode. This feature is only available to credited users. The !donator return will be used if this is set on a non-credited host
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