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Perl Programming Tutorial :: Table of Contents

Section 1: Simple Perl
  1. Introduction
  2. Data Structures: Scalars, Arrays, Hashes
  3. Program Control, Functions
  4. Input/Output, File Input/Output, Command-Line Arguments
Section 2: Beyond Simple Perl
  1. Records and References
  2. Regular Expressions and String Manipulation
  3. Manipulating Files and Directories
  4. Process Management

This tutorial takes only an Introductory look at Perl. Therefore, if you wish to study the Perl Programming Language further, consult the texts mentioned below. This tutorial is based largely off two excellent ORA texts:
Schwartz, Randal L. and Tom Christiansen. Learning Perl. Cambridge: O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., 1997.
Wall, Larry, et. al. Programming Perl. Beijing: O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., 2000.

This tutorial is not meant to replace these texts. It should be used as a supplement only. You cannot learn Perl by just reading about it! You must practice what you learn if you expect to get anything out of this tutorial.

DISCLAIMER: The document author nor the Sherrill Group guarantee that all information contained herein is accurate. If you see an error, please send an email to Alfred Park indicating the error.

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Table of Contents

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