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ExtUtils::MM_Win95 - method to customize MakeMaker for Win9X


  You should not be using this module directly.


This is a subclass of ExtUtils::MM_Win32 containing changes necessary to get MakeMaker playing nice with command.com and other Win9Xisms.

Overriden methods

Most of these make up for limitations in the Win9x command shell. Namely the lack of && and that a chdir is global, so you have to chdir back at the end.

  • dist_test

    && and chdir problem.

  • subdir_x

    && and chdir problem.

    Also, dmake has an odd way of making a command series silent.

  • xs_c

    The && problem.

  • xs_cpp

    The && problem

  • xs_o

    The && problem.

  • clean_subdirs_target

    && and chdir problem.

  • realclean_subdirs_target

    && and chdir problem.

  • os_flavor

    Win95 and Win98 and WinME are collectively Win9x and Win32


Code originally inside MM_Win32. Original author unknown.

Currently maintained by Michael G Schwern <schwern@pobox.com>.

Send patches and ideas to <makemaker@perl.org>.

See http://www.makemaker.org.