Ear: Types
By Rio

There are two types of ears, animal and human. Below are an example of a cat ear and a human ear elongated (elf, fairy ears).
Cat ears
Shown above are cat ears and different views of the cat ear (center). To draw a cat ear, all you have to remember is that the base is a semi-circle that goes up to a point. The whole ear, viewed from the back is a triangle (or at least a curvy one ^^). When viewed at profile, the ear is still a triangle except half of the back view. Remember to add the little tuft of fur inside the ear!
Elongated human ears
These ears above are just like human ears except longer and in some cases also wider. Above are two versions, one really long, and the other much shorter but wider. At the center are views of the ear at profile, back, and quarter back view. Long ears also allow the character to move it much more than normal human ears are able. Below are some examples of ear movement for long ears.
Elongated ear movement