Emotional Expressions
By Rio

These are various expressions from happy to mad. The little drawing on the side shows the basic layout of the face when its making the expression with the bigger drawing. Click on the image for a larger view.

Angry > Really Angry > Mad
AngryReally AngryMad
Furious > Mad Like Hell
Angry Like Hell
Dumbfounded > Really Dumbfounded
DumbfoundedReally Dumbfounded

Happy > Really Happy
Smile Laughing
Extremely Happy > Tearfully Happy
Cackling Tearfully Happy
Awe > Exasperated > Frightened
AweExasperated Frightened

Sad > Tearfully Sad

Really Sad > Bawling

Troubled > Thoughtful

Normal > Frightened

Surprised > Really Surprised

Spaced Out