Hair: Curly
By Rio

Wavy hair Curled in ends Frizzy hair Ringlet hair
There are four types of curly hair (from left to right): wavy, curly ends, frizzy, and ringlets. Each of these curly hair types have variations such as how curly it is to which end the hair curls - inwards or outwards. These variations depends on how you would like to make or present your character. The choice is yours.

The only thing to keep in mind when drawing curly hair is how you draw your curves. If you would like to draw wavy hair, for example, you wouldn't draw very curly lines whereas if you drew frizzy hair, you would draw curves one after another. Ringlets, on the other hand, has another factor into it - you have to draw circles that, in the end, take on the shape of a cylinder or column. You have to keep in mind that the curl continues all the way downwards - make sure the ringlet connects as it spirals down, in other words.

Apart from these advice - practice makes perfect! Curly hair is one of the trickiest to draw - as I mentioned earlier - and the only way to perfect it is to practice.

To draw curly hair follow the steps below:
Decide which face view you'll be drawing: Front, Side, Quarter, or Back.

1. Which type of curly hair will you draw?
2. What length do you want the hair? Short? Long? or Medium-length?
3. Finish off the hair: add any extra details, jewelry, hair lines, shadows, etc.
4. Ink the drawing and then erase the pencil lines after the ink has dried.
(For a more detailed information on drawing hair, check out Hair: The Basics)

More Curly Hair
Here are some other examples of various types of curly hair. Notice the differences between each of these samples be it length, curliness, width, hair style (ribbons, for example), which end the hair curls, and even the gender of the character.

Medium Wavy Curled out ends Frizzy hair Wide ringlets

Wavy ends Curled in ends Frizzy hair ribboned Long ringlets

Very wavy Old man with wavy hair Frizzy ends Wavy side view

Remember, practice makes perfect! Keep trying till you "get it". Good luck!