Hair: Spiked
By Rio

Step 1  
Decide which face view you'll be drawing: Front, Side, Quarter, or Back.
Which direction will the hair will go? Left? Right? Up? Down? Angles? (Draw light arrows if you like)
What length do you want the hair? Short? Long? or Medium-length?

Front view spiked hair Quarter view spiked hair Side view spiked hair Back view of spiked hair

These examples here will touch on various aspects of what I've mentioned in the questions above. Notice they have different head views and different hair directions. They also have different lengths but you won't really see that till the next page.

Anyways, once you decide on those questions above - on to the next step! (Click on picture for larger image, btw)

Step 2  
To draw spiked hair, the lines come together to a point. Think of them as triangles or bent triangles in the case of the side view example. Remember: long hair = long pencil strokes; short hair = short pencil strokes.

Follow the examples to the right of the drawings for certain hair styles. Notice that some spikes are thick and some are not. Try to vary the thickness as much as possible to create interest.

On the quarter view; to draw the hairline just draw short lines and/or small triangles and "w"-like lines. Or draw one straight line of you prefer.

Spiked hair front view 2 Spiked hair quarter view 2
Spiked hair side view 2 Spiked hair back view 2

<Step 3 
Finish off the hair: add any extra details, jewelry, hair lines, shadows, etc. Ink the drawing and then erase the pencil lines after the ink has dried. You're done!

Click for finished drawing Click for finished drawing Click for finished drawing Click for finished drawing

Now, that wasn't so bad was it? And don't forget to experiment, practice, and have fun! Emphasis on "practice". :)