Hair: Straight
By Rio

In this section, I'll be explaining how to end straight hair. If you'd like to know how to draw straight hair, read the Hair Basics tutorial.

Line Pointed Tail Open

Lined up above are four drawing examples of how straight hair usually ends. The first is straight-lined. This is the kind that ends on a straight, clean line. All you need to do is draw a line at the end of the hair as shown in the close up at teh bottom. The second type of straight hair ending is pointed. Pointed end just are that - pointed. They are pretty much "V" shaped and are usually curved.

The third example above and below shows how the first two types work on pony-tails and pig-tails. Pointed ended tails usually end in one point that looks like a fox tail or brush end. A straight-lined tail is the same as always.

The third type is open-ended hair. Open-ended hair is much like the straight-lined hair except it doesn't have the defining line at the end. You just leave it as is! Pretty simple huh?

Line Close Up Pointed Close Up Pointed Tail Lined Tail Open