Hands: Front View
By Rio

Step 1
Draw a vertical rectangle with curved edges and the bottom end slightly smaller then the top. (Kinda look like an upside down trapezoid). This will be the palm of the hand.

Then draw four small circles at the top end of the palm. These represent the knuckles.

Add two lines at the bottom of the palm to get the wrist.  

Step 2
Then draw three arcs above the palm and knuckles.

Make sure the highest part of the arc will be above the middle finger with the rest going downwards.

These arcs show where each of the joints are in the fingers except the top arc which show where the fingers end.

Use your own hand as reference if you have to.  

Extend the top most arc all the way down the left side of the palm to make a left hand palm up (this is what I'll be doing) or a right hand palm down OR extend the top arc to the right to get the opposite effect.  

Step 3
Draw ovals one atop each other starting from the knuckles to create the fingers. The oval length should range from arc to arc.

Make sure you make them the same size as much as possible. NOT like the figure on the upper right with one fat oval in the middle. (Not unless the character has a disease of course.)

Also, make sure the ovals overlap since those smaller circles created represent the joints of the fingers.

Next, between the fingers, draw little valleys or upside down arcs to join the fingers together.

Step 4
At the left side of the palm, draw a triangle from a little above the middle of the palm to the base of the palm to start making the thumb.

Draw a small circle at the left base of the palm. Then draw another circle at the point of the triangle. Join the two circles with two lines to make a bone.

Now draw two ovals from the point of the triangle to the arc. Try to make sure they meet somewhere in the middle.  

Step 5
Now draw the thumb based on the ovals and triangles.

Make sure you curve on the inside of the thumb at the top side of the triangle.

And  make sure to draw the little bump on the bottom part of the thumb which represent the muscles.

Next, draw the rest of the fingers by drawing a line around the ovals.  

Step 6
Now make any adjustments to the fingers before inking it. Make sure you dry it first before erasing the pencil marks as well.

Don't forget to add some lines at the joints of the fingers (where the ovals meet) and any markings on the palm.

Note: Make sure the area between the fingers are not drawn pointed shown at the upper right. Rather, draw them like the one below it.

To make this into a palm down hand, just put nails at the top of the fingers and don't draw the palm markings. And knuckles are drawn with curved lines. Look at your hand if you have to!