Head: Miscellaneous Views
By Rio

In this section, I'll look over several head shots. At this point, I assume you've looked over the other head view tutorials and you'll notice there is no step-by-step instructions below.

The first head view is a front view but the character is bending her head to the side. When you draw your character like this, make sure you "bend" your guide lines as well to keep the face structure from becoming skewed.

The second head view is the a quarter view from the back. Notice that it is mostly a profile of the side of the head with the ears drawn at the back view.

Third and forth example is quite similar as they are both quarter views except one is looking down a bit and the other is more than "quarter" view.

The last example to the right is a quarter-updwards view. Do you see how this one is drawn?

The basic lines you should always have is the circle for the head, the jawline, a line to dictate the middle of the face, and another for the ear. And if you didn't notice yet, the key to drawing heads is to curve your guidelines according to which direction your character is facing. Then, it's just a matter of drawing the facial features according to the guidelines.

If you get stuck on a certain head view, pour through photographs, magazines, and even do some poses yourself. :)

Most important, practice makes perfect!