Head: Quarter View
By Rio

Step 1Step 2Step 3
Step 1 Step 2Step 3

Step 1
Draw a circle. Now draw a vertical line at the center of the circle. Make horizontal dashes at the center of the circle. A bit below the dashed lines, draw another horizontal line.
Draw two curved lines. The longer line will indicate the middle of the face while the shorter one will guide the placement of the ear.

Step 2
To draw the jaw, start from the edge of the circle on the bottom half and go down to the curved line. From there, draw a line upwards towards the ear mark. Draw one neck line near the ear mark and the other side just below the chin.

Step 3
Add the eyes at the horizontal line with eyebrows going up to the dashed horizontal line. Being a quarter view, draw the farthest eye a bit smaller.
Draw your nose on the mid-line and the mouth just below it.
As for the ear, use the shorter line as a guide to start and end the ear. Use the dashed line as a guide for the highest point of the ear.

Step 4Step 5
Step 4Step 5

Step 4
Draw in the hair. Remember, the hair is poofy so it goes above the circle. If the hair is cur short though, the closer it is to the circle. Add in any jewelry, hats, etc at this time too.

Step 5
When you're ready, ink your character and erase the pencil marks.