Head: Side View
By Rio

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

Step 1
Draw a circle. Now draw a vertical line at the center of the circle. Make horizontal dashes at the center of the circle. A bit below the dashed lines, draw another horizontal line.

Step 2
At the bottom half of the circle, draw the jaw-line by making a straight line down and then moving it upwards to wards the center line. Notice it's the same process whether you're drawing the head facing left or right.
Add the back of the neck by drawing a line downwards about midway of the other side of the circle.

Step 3
Add the eyes at the horizontal line with eyebrows going up to the dashed horizontal line. Since this is a side view, you have to draw your eyes and eyebrows as such.
Now draw an ear originating from the center line. Ears would normally go up to the dashed lines.
For the outline of the face, use the straight line as a guideline to draw your nose, mouth and chin. Notice the way a long and short nose differs from each other when drawn.
Also, to add a little prominance to the forehead, just add a line on the upper half of the face. This way, the forehead won't look so flat.

Step 4 Step 5
Step 4 Step 5

Step 4
Draw in the hair. Notice the hair doesn't hug the circle. Instead, it goes above and around it. Hair is poofy after all.

Step 5
After you're done making changes, ink your drawing and erase your pencil lines. And you're done!