Hip: Basics
By Rio

Hips are fairly easy but can be difficult at first. Below shows the differences between the female and male hips. The female tends to be curvy and proportionate to the torso while the male hip is rather straight and equal or smaller than the upper body.

Let's take a closer look at the hip on the side view. Females generally have a rounder posterior with males tending to be less. The crotch area tends to protrude further than the beginning of the leg and the waist differ for each gender. The female waist goes inwards with the stomach curving outward. Males has less of a curve inwards with a flatter stomach. Of course, these are for slim people - this would change if the person was fat or old.

Before we tackle the butt, lets take a quickie look on how to draw the crotch. At the left most image, the female crotch is drawn in a big "V" shape while the male crotch is much wider and drops at the middle. Again, the female is drawn rounded and the male is more angular. The same can be applied to the backside - female butt is rounded, male is more angular. There's a little trick to draw the posterior. Females tend to have a rounded W shape that defines their butt and males have a more of a stiff W bordering on two U's beside each other.