Making a Manga
By Chris Riley

#1) The Character and how to make them!

THE CHARACTER is everything in manga.

There is no plot without the characters.
There is no action without them.
There is no manga without them. do you make a character? OK well lets make a good guy. The main character. 

What is he? Is he strong willed? Cool? Strong built? Stupid? Weak willed? Wild? Gentle, perky, or selfish? 

Choose one. The MOST common main character type is strong willed (curse Sailor Moon! =D ) 
So we have a strong willed character. We draw him accordingly. Firm lifting eyebrows, closed mouth in a reversed v shape, short hair for girls, defined position; these are what we add in for a strong willed character. 

1. Cool - Different kinds, cruel, artistic, delicate etc. Narrow eyebrows. Slender look. Long sharp eyes. Clear nose line. Glasses can add a sense of sophistication. 

2. Wild - perky hair, grinning, bigger eyes, unkempt look, big eyebrows, very masculine. 

3. Perky/cute - short/tied back hair, eye wide open (lol no pun intended), more child like face proportions, small nose, ribbon's on girls can add a sense of cuteness.

4. Gentle - always smiling, eyebrows far apart (close together makes strong impression) narrow droopy eyes, long hair, round faces.

5. For a the calm guy you could add those eyes that Bulma's mother has in DBZ [ up-side down U's ].

6. Weak willed - delicate, drawn like the gentle people, usually a troubled expression. 

7. Strong Willed AND selfish - strong, with a lot of pride, eyes are lifted up, curled, detailed hair makes them look richer.  ;) 

8. Evil dudes - eyes are usually like triangles, most of the eyes are white. Pupils are small black dots. Look of strength. Usually big and bulky with spiky or no hair. 

OK now that that's through with (whew) on to the next part. 
To finish the drawing, add a few weapons and some neat armor/clothing (depending on the character, if your character needs it use it, if not don't =D ) 

OK now for the rest of your character. 
What does he/she like? Dislike? 
What are a few shticks (sp?) that he/she has? (They are like Goku eating a ton of food always, Serena always being clumsy, Ash being a annoying little twit...nm that's not one >) , and Gene always rushing into danger. I know I'm only using the US TV ones, but heck, everyone knows 'em right?) 
What angers them? What happens when they're angry? 
How do they attack?

Now that that's done, do it a few more times for the rest of the main characters. This is not needed for supporting characters. (The inn keeper, grocery store manager, villain they fight once... etc.) 

Once you know your characters inside out, can draw them attacking other people, interacting with other people, expressing their emotions etc, then its time to start drawing the manga..... stay tuned for #2 - Beginning the Manga! 

(Authors note: This tutorial comes from mostly my experience and the How to Draw Manga #1, Power Up Manga Techniques for Beginners (good book =-D ) I hope this helps and will make more soon =D )

by Michelle

In order to make a story, you have to have a main character, his friends, enemies, and just random people. When you make the characters and draw them, you need to see their characteristics and create a story that matches it.

Some stories have to do with normal people with normal lives. Others have to do with other worlds and such. If you want it to do with other worlds, you will have to create the world, the creatures, and the people. You can make the storyline when you gave it enough thought! Also, when making a story with normal people, usually it is in Japan. A lot of people like to put school uniforms on the main characters. It's a little easier because they will always be wearing the same things.

Every story needs to be funny, serious, adventurous, creative, and lovely at some point. I enjoy the anime 'Rurouni Kenshin' because it has all of those things jam packed into one series. Writing a story needs to be specific, clear, and fun at the same time. Have fun with your stories ^.^

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