Screentone Depot
By Ashura

Purpose of Page:
There are many manga artists online who don't have access to or are unable to afford screentones.. Face it, the cost of screentones are so high.. it's impossible to afford them without emptying your wallet... (typical price: $9.00 US Dollars)

I've recently acquired some cool tones from Hitomi.. she has access to the really cool Japanese and Korean tones for CHEAP. ^_^ (cheap = GOOD!) I've scanned in all the ones that are scan-able.. the remainder scanned in extremely blurry. ~_~; All of them are in TIF formats.. not jpgs. I assume most of the manga artists out there would usually have their works scanned with good quality, so TIFs would be a better format to use.

I've also scanned in some tones from a tone book published by Dover, called Backround Patterns, Textures and Tints.. its a manga artists' dream come true! ^_^; I didn't scan in ALL of the tones.. just those that look useable.

Here's the ISBN# for the book: ISBN 0-486-23260-3 published by Dover, book by Clarence P. Hornung.

Distribution Rules and Regulations:
None really.. just download and create your own pretty manga! ^_^ If you plan on posting them on your own page, please let me know, OK? My stupid scanner crashed at least 3 times for each pic I've scanned.. so do me that little favor, OK? ^_^

(scanned at 100DPI)

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How To Use 'Em ^_^

PC (using Photoshop):

1. Scan in your pics and save them in the TIF format. Then load 'em into Photoshop.
2. Click on the rectangular mask option and press Ctrl-A on your pic to grab the whole pic.
3. Then press Ctrl-C to copy the pic and then go into EDIT and select paste as a layer.
4. Choose Darken as the new layer.
5. Load up the tones.
6. Use the rubber stamp function to grab the tones. Use ALT + your left mouse button to grab the area you want. If you selected a solid brush, the tones will paste on exactly the same.. however if you selected the softer (blurrier) brush, then the sides will be softer.. it'll look like you airbrushed it on. This is useful.
7. Resize the tone depending on how dense or loose you would like the tone to be.
8. Be sure to play around with the airbrush (set at course) to create special effects.. (like clouds.. glitter.. etc..)
9. Have fun and be creative! ^_^

If you have a Laser printer and lotsa money..

1. If you have a laser printer (which I don't), print out the tones onto paper.
2. Make sure you have the CHARTPAK DAFR8 acetone sheets (clear copy-able screentones).
3. Go to the copy shop and place the DAFR8 onto the by-pass tray (where the paper is).
4. Place the tone printouts onto the copier and make your OWN tones!! ^_^
5. The Chartpaks costs $42.00 bucks.
6. You can find the Chartpaks at All in One Supply for cheap. ^_^

Additional Info:

If you would like to contact Ashura, you may reach her at either of her websites: or

Note from Rio: You can purchase tones in a set from Also, you can buy individual tones from our affiliate

Tutorial by Ashura. All rights reserved.