By Rio

Tails begin just where the spine ends and looks to rest on the posterior. Below is an example of cat tails that are the same in basic shape but with minor additions, it becomes a completely new tail. For example, a sleek tail with addition of several lines throughout turns the tail furry.
Cat Tails
When drawing tails, draw the outline of the tail. Next, add fur lines to the tail if necessary and any other accessory, marking, or coloring. When wearing garments, tailed people have special clothes that deal with their tail. Depicted below is how a skirt may be worn even with a tail present.
Tails & Clothing
Scaly tails are similar to to drawing a furless tail except it is generally thick at one end than the other. Tails may include spikes atop and tend to be scaly but does not have to be as shown in the dark tail below. To add scales to your tail, there are two methods of doing so. The first is just cross hatching (#) and the other is to make multiple V's. Note that the whole tail does not have to show scales all around.
Scaly Tails