Torso: Basics
By Rio

Basics of a Torso
Drawing the torso can be a bit tricky. I'll break it down for you in two ways: the first is the simple "shoujo" method and the other is the standard method. The image below is the basic outline of the upper body in the standard method.
Torso Standard Collarbone and Ribcage Chest Triangle's the Way!
The collarbone is from the shoulder down to the top of the chest (in blue), and rib cage extending from the collarbone to just at the waistline (in green). The chest, whether its a female or a male, will end at about the area in red. As for drawing the torso in the "shoujo" method, it's just basically using a big triangle! The triangle points down and generally covers from the shoulder to the pelvic area. Since we're only at the torso, it's cut off. :)

Different Point of Views
The torso in different points of view is done the same way you would do the face or any other object. Just change the angle of your outline and draw from there.

Torso Left 1 Torso Left 2 Torso Left
Torso Right 1 Torso Right 2 Torso Right

If you look at the images above, can you tell which one is female and which one is male? If you guessed the top is male and the lower is female, you're right! Why is it? Because of the shape of the torso. Slimmer torso's are generally associated with a more feminine person whereas bulkier torso's are connected with a male. Use this knowledge to your advantage to create yoru average stereotypical gender build or create unique situations with athletic, bulky, females or thin, femininely-shaped guys. ;)