Torso: Male
By Rio

Basics of a Male Torso
Starting off the male torso, we'll begin with drawing the shoujo way which uses the simple triangle method mentioned in the Torso Basics. But first, here is a quickie differentiation between male and female bodies...

Male vs Female Torso Slim Built Medium Built

On the right side of the first drawing is a stick figure comparison between a male and a female body. A male's chest is wider than his hips whereas a female is equal in size, both chest and hips. That's why female's get the "hourglass figure" description. The main image shown is that of a male just looking at the hip and chest ratio. If it was a female, just extend the hips a bit wider. The bigger figure is generally how I prefer to draw males in shoujo style with the tip of the triangle as the hip. If you like drawing a male using the stick figure method with trangle ending at waist, that is your choice.

From the simple triangle is just a matter of adding in details. The next image is a guy with a slim built. Your typical shoujo guy. The only details this guy has emphasis his pecks, and a line for the middle of his chest and stomach.

The next buy, though, is an average built. I say average since you can draw a bulkier built than this image. When drawing someone like this guy, a little more detail is added plus the torso becomes bigger and less curvy (i.e. more angles, less round edges). New details include the outline of the ribcage.

Quickie upper torso (pecks) point-of-view (ASCII style!):
Turned Left         Center         Turned Right
|___|______      |____|____|      _____|___|

More Muscles
The neat and quick way to add the impression of more muscle is to add certain lines at paricular areas. The first being at the pecks. A few additional lines creates "look" of more taut muscles and a more built guy. Make sure you curve your lines since the peck is curved and is not flat.
,br> The second is to add the six-pack! They're basically square in shape except round at the edges as shown below.

Third, rib lines at the side adds the lean and muscular look. They're like adding scales really!

Medium Built Large built

A little trick I do is to add lines on certain muscles for emphasis. Another trick is to make the lines to the male body more angular - didn't I mention this in the last page? Well, you get the idea. :)

For those of you who would like to draw a bulkier and bigger torso than shown above, it's just a matter of drawing your base torso outline (i.e. triangle) wider. Now, it's just a matter of practice!