School Uniforms: Boys
By Rio

In this section, we'll take a look at the ever popular Japanese boy's uniform.

Types There are four types of uniforms you can draw your charcters in: 1) traditional military uniform, 2) shirt and pant, 3) sweater vest with shirt and pants, and 4) business suit (not shown).

Traditional military uniform is usually the standard outfit drawn in manga followed by the shirt and pant and business suit types. Not many vest with shirt and pant uniforms but it's an option.

Let's take a closer look at each of the uniforms starting with the traditional one. Mostly, the traditional uniform tends to be dark colored (i.e. black) but there are those that are lighter like gray. They usually have a white band at the collar and possibly a little pocket either at the chest area or down in front of the hip. Some have no pocket at all.

The shirt and pant uniform is another popular combination. The shirts tend to either be long sleeved of short. You can opt to change between the two depending upon the weather (cold vs. warm).

The sweater vest with shirt and pants also has the same flexibility with the option of long-sleeved shirt or short. You can choose to make your vest into a long-sleeved sweater with a shirt underneath during the winter months though.

Last, business uniforms are the other common required outfit. Suits tend to be plain (i.e. no pattern) and is complete with shirt and tie. Tie is a must in a business type uniform which can be one plain color or striped. If you really want to get fancy, you can go a step further by putting in a pattern like a fleur-de-lis or starburst of some kind. Suits may or may not have buttons up front and on the cuffs depending on the style you're going for.

For variety, you can change minor details on the male uniform. For instance, on traditional uniforms you can add edging, buttons, and even insignia's. Shirt and pants uniforms can have a tie requirment or not - and for emphasis on character, can be left open. Sweater vests may also have a tie requirement if you choose.

Pant types Thankfully, boys does not have as much variety of pants unlike like girls and their skirts. There are basically three pant types they can wear: classic-ruffed, flat-front, and reverse-pleat.

These three are the basic pant types that men and women wear. At a closer look:

The first is a classic-ruffed pants, which has folds at each side from the belt down. The folds a inwards and all that is viewed is the seam where it was stitched.

The second is the flat-front pant. This is a sleak looking pant which is form-fitting and quite contemporary looking.

Third, the reverse-pleat pant is like the first except the folds are inside-out. The fold is reminiscent of uniform skirts.

The first and third pant bulges out at the hip due to the folds, making the hip area look bigger than they really are. Most wear it just because it of that reason - mostly in the color black since it's "slimming".
For more info on pants, check out the Pants tutorial.

Boys, like girls have a set variety of shoes they may wear. Technically, boys should wear loafers but in manga, anything goes so they may also wear boots, and sneakers. For the really slacker type, you could even have them wear sandals. :)