School Uniforms: Gym
By Rio

Here we'll take a look at the uniforms worn during gym class at Japanese schools. Gym Top

Everyday Uniform
The basic gym uniform for girls consists of a t-shirt and a buruma or bloomer. Let's start with the top. It can be let out loose or tucked into the buruma and it usually has a circular collar. You can change the collar though with a V-neck or the tennis-style collar with buttons if you really want something not-so-common.

Drawing the TopTo draw the top, you can draw the body first and then draw the shirt around it. From there, add the wrinkles according to the body's movement and shape. Usually below the chest, sometimes above it and if the top is tucked in, at the bottom. Click on the image to the left for a bigger view. The anatomy was not erased for a clearer idea how to draw the top and wrinkles.

Quarter Back ViewSpeaking of the back view, here is a look at the back with the loose and tucked shirt. Normally, in most anime's and manga's I've seen, the girls wear their shirt tucked in their buruma. Though that may be just for easier drawing and uniformity. Moving on, let's take a closer look at the...

Buruma (Bloomer)

Buruma Types Buruma Back
There are really two types of buruma. The first has a thinner side than the other. Looking at the first two drawings above, there are two buruma's. The first is further down from the belly and rises high from the thigh. The second type stretches out coming closer to the belly button and to the thigh.
For a better look, the next pair of drawings shows this much clearer. As you may notice, there is a seam at the sides.
To draw the buruma, you just basically draw the back as normal, then run a slightly curved line at the waist and across both of the butt. Once done, you can shade it in or adjust it too look like the buruma is over the posterior and not wedged in. ^^;;
Gym ViewsHere are some more views of the buruma at different angles. From the back sitting down, draw the butt in a W as normal and color or tone it in.
From the side, make sure it rises at the center where the seam is located.

Regulation Swimwear
SwimwearThe girls bathing suit are designed as shown to the right. A one-piece suit with the top going further down and covering a majority of the hips and butt but not completely.
There are seams at the side like the buruma but also at the bottom and center of the back. Also there is a seam at the shoulder as shown below.
If using a swimming cap, long haired girls will pull their hair up and hide it under the cap.
Swimwear seams


Short Types Boys gym clothes for swimming and regular gym class are less complicated. Basically shorts and a top for gym and trunks for swimming. To the right we have several ways of drawing shorts for guys. The first has simple elastic waist, and no special feature. This would be the usual swimming trunk used. Next, the short has a bit of edging at the end and has a minor slit at the side. The elastic waist even has additional lining for that extra detail. Last, we have the short with the draw-string.
Short Length
The next step to consider when drawing gym attire for boys is the length of the shorts or swimming trunk. There are three types from left to right: short, average, and long. Short lengthed shorts are generally seen for those in track (running, jogging, etc) while the longer short is more for the basket ball player. Average sized shorts are good for all around general sports usage. In the last image, there is a spandex underneath the short which you may or may not choose to have your character wear.
Short Side View Short Back View
Moving on, above are some examples on how to draw shorts at side and back views. Note that the butt is not as pronounced as on a female and is less curvy. A minor note, most shorts these days tend to have the "racing" lines at the side which gives that sporty look.

Moving on the the tops guys wear during gym class, there are two types: the tank and the shirt. The tank tends to be loose and long allowing ease of movement. Shirts is similar to the female shirt and you can differ the collar much like the girls are well. Also, you can have the guys wear it out or tucked in.
Tank Top Shirt
In manga, I've seen specific uniforms worn by the boys when playing a certain sport. For instance, when they play soccer - they would have a soccer uniform. Basketball, a basketball uniform, etc. It's up to you if they wear specific clothes for specific games but I would suggest a standard uniform for general gym and swimming and specific uniforms for those in the school sport teams.