Weaponry Effects
By Rio

Standard weapon
Weapons themselves are fun to draw but no weapon is better than the one imbued with magic or other special property. Well, at least I think so... ;)

The first thing you have to know about creating effects is that anything goes! Yup, you can pretty much do anything you want! But if you'd like to know where to start, lets look at some basics.

Weaponry effects just comprises of adding additional lines for added impact. Check out the image to the right. This is your standard sword drawn with the motion line at the tip of the blade. Below, there is the same picture but with "effects" added.

Weapon Effect 1 Weapon Effect 2 Weapon Effect 3

Weapons Effects 4 Weapons Effects 5 Weapons Effects 6

Like I said, the only trick to making weaponry effects is the lines you make. Some effects are similar but has a different overall impression. Even though the first and third image on the top row are basically the same types of lines, applied a lot or thinly, they're not similar overall.

Try experimenting with striaght lines, curvy lines - and even stars and dots if you like! You never know what you may end up with. :)