Car Jamming Tablature

Transcribed by John Escalante (

Here's a hint: Sample the first :05.128 and loop it (Wavesurgeon is
good for
this) and jam to get the rhythm right. 

The funky D to A in the intro comprises most of the verse. There is no
chorus in this song. There's only 3 chord progressions and 1 riff to

A-5 5------5-------5-5----------5-5-   --5-------5-------

1  F#m  E E D C#m

Verse I 

DDA   DD AA (3 times)
Tonight they're closing up the world
The secret smell of cigarettes
What is that?

C#  D   E
Funky multi nations anthem rocking from a thousand King Kong cassettes

Verse II (Same as I)
Then a shy boy from Missouri 
boots blown off in 60's war
Ridding aluminum crutches

Now he knows the welfare kindness  agent orange colour blindness As he
from door to door 

Bridge I :48 use riff 3 times
The violence in the carpets the mirror of his wife
Drives the slum bum dweller 
to grind his hunting knife

In homestead of cigar radio hive like bee.
The body in the ice box has no date for freeze

F#m  E E D C#m

Verse III (Same as 1)
No Vocals 
No Vocals (in a car jam)
No Vocals

Selling is what selling sells 
but only saints of the seven avenues can sell the 7 hells

Verse IV
Fanning out the drug afflicted 
leperizing zone
Once inside 

the executive . never leaves his home

With Riff (3 times)
Gorillas drag their victims hyenas try to sue
Snakes find grass in concrete, there is no city zoo

By ventilation units there towers meet the streets
The ragged in stand  in bags soaking heat up though their feet

F#m  E E D C#m
This was the only kindness it was accidental too
(in a car Jam)

Verse VI
It was accidental too
No Vocal (in a car jam)

Verse VII
No vocal first three lines

Now shaking single engine planes
Traffic fink stereo from Cuba
buzzed the holy zealot mass

Drowned that missa luba
Drowned that missa luba
Drowned that missa luba
Drowned that missa luba

I thought I saw Lauren Bacall
I thought I saw Lauren Bacall
I swear, Hey fellas, Lauren Bacall

F#m  E E D C#m
In a car jam, 

Back to DDA DDAA
Yeah I don't believe in a car jam
Ah yeah positively absolutely in a car jam
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