Drug Stabbin' Time Tablature

Transcribed by:
Raymond P. Sferra (72724.514@CompuServe.COM)


D  A  E  D 
D  A  E  D 
D  F# A

Drug stabbing time  
Well I got working on the Ford line  
A paying off the big fine  
Drug stabbin' time  

Drug stabbin' time  
Is from nine to nine  
Nobody wants a user  
Nobody needs a loser  
So kick him out that door
            G             D  A
An' don't answer it no more  
(Sax) D  F#  E

Drug stabbin' time  
It's a Greenwich Mean Time  
Your friends all hate each other you think  
You've got another  
But who's at the door?  
Don't answer it no more  
Drug stabbin time  
In a bedroom crime  
There's a tape recording on a telephone line  
An' it's ringin from the floor  
So don't answer it no more  
Now I was lying in my room  
It was raining drugs all afternoon.  
I hear this car pull up outside  
Comes to a stop like, skreeee  

D         A  
Someone's in a hurry 
D  A   D 
'N someone better worry  
'Cos these four guys all had on their feet  
A pair of black shoes shining and neat  
I thinks  

D         F
Blackshoes on   

No that's bad news  
Here they come charging up the stairs alright  

Sonny just tell us where  

Drug stabbin time  
Don't ask me mate  
Working on the Ford line  
Paying off the big fine  
Drug stabbin' time
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