Jail Guitar Doors Tablature

E                                       B
Let me tell you 'bout Wayne and his deals of cocaine
A little more every day
        E                     G#m
Holding for a friend till the band do well
           B                   E
Then the D.E.A. locked him away

E                   A           E
Clang clang, go the jail guitar doors
E                 A            E
Bang bang, go the boots on the floor
E                 A               E
Cry cry, for your lonely mother's son
E                   A7
Clang clang, go the jail guitar doors

An' I'll tell you 'bout Pete, didn't want no fame
Gave all his money away
"Well there's something wrong, it'll be good for you, son"
And so they certified him insane

And then there's Keith, waiting for trial
Twenty-five thousand bail
If he goes down you won't hear his sound
But his friends carry on anyway
Fuck 'em!

A           E    B  (PLUS C A E ON LAST TIME)
Jail guitar doors
54/46 was my number
Jail guitar doors
Right now someone else has that number

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