Train In Vain Tablature

From: (Mark Schnitzius)

Intro riff:

                 D A A            D A A
You say you stand      by your man
            D  A  A                    D A A
Tell me something    I don't understand
             D                      Bm
You said you loved me, and that's a fact
             D A A                      D A A
The you left me,   said you felt trapped
           D                         A
Well, some things you can't explain away
        Bm                            D
But the heartache's with me till this day

                       D A A
You didn't stand by me
             D A A
No, not at all
                      D A A
You didn't stand by me
      D A A
No way

All the times when we were close
I'll remember these things the most
I see all my dreams come tumblin' down
I can't be happy without you around
So alone, I keep the wolves at bay
And there's only one thing I can say


           A     F#m  Bm                  D A A  D A A
You must expla-a-a-ain   why this must be
        A    F#m Bm                     D A A  D A A
Did you li-i-i-ie  when you spoke to me?
                    D A A                D A A
Did you stand be me?      No, not at all

Now I got a job, but it don't pay
I need new clothes, I need somewhere to stay
But without all of these things I can do
But without your love, I won't make it through
But you don't understand my point of view
I suppose there nothing I can do



[Intro riff again]

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